A better life through coaching – I am Steffen Niehues, C-Level Digital Executive and High Performance Coach. High Performance Coaching takes you to your personal next level!

A Better Life Through - Steffen Niehues

What is coaching in general and what makes High Performance Coaching special?

  • Coaching in general is a positive influence process that leads to discovery, decision making, more productivity, and finally to a better life
  • High Performance Coaching is a comprehensive coaching program which is validated by leading academics.
  • Aligned with leading thought leadership in psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience it is e.g covering topics like Growth Mindset, Habit Formation , Change, Future Identity.
  • High Performance Coaching is an outcome oriented framework, meaning, very specific, and goal/results oriented
  • Enjoy a better life through coaching

“High Performance and Leadership demand changing habits. Coaching can help!”

Steffen Niehues

“High Performance is a lifestyle, just like Leadership”

Steffen Niehues

High Performance Coaching helps succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term while maintaining wellbeing and positive relationships

Coaching helps finding clarity in life for leading a life with more drive, motivation, success, happiness, and well being.

Steffen Niehues