Group Coaching

Providing evidence-based knowledge and practical skills to beat diabetes

  • As part of my program “Let’s beat DIABETES” and as a certified High Performance Coach, I impart relevant knowledge on topics such as nutrition, exercise, blood glucose measurement, changing habits and many other relevant aspects of diabetes management. Due to my coaching expertise, I was able to completely reverse type 2 diabetes. With my resulting knowledge, I want to help others to improve their blood glucose levels. Let’s beat DIABETES!
  • I present everything in an understandable way, e.g. with ideas for implementing practical exercises in everyday life and examples to make it easier to apply what I have learned in everyday life.

Increasing energy and motivation

  • By teaching self-management strategies and experiencing a sense of achievement, self-confidence is boosted, which can have a positive effect on attitudes towards the illness and quality of life.
  • The positive group dynamics and the exchange with like-minded people can increase the intrinsic motivation of the participants to actively participate in their diabetes management.

Improving blood glucose control

  • Studies have shown that participation in diabetes group coaching can lead to a significant improvement in blood glucose levels (HbA1c).
  • This is achieved both through the provision of knowledge and practical skills, as well as through the motivation and support of the group.

Promoting mental well-being

  • My diabetes group coaching can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental wellbeing. By sharing with others and developing strategies together, you will learn to cope better with the challenges of the disease.

Social exchange Mutual support

  • Sharing information, tips and advice, as well as mutual support and motivation, creates a sense of community that can promote emotional coping with diabetes.