MindMapping – the ultimate thinking tool. The visualization technique was invented by Tony Buzan back in the 1960s and is a visual representation of information. Because colors and images are used, MindMaps are much easier for the brain to remember than linear notes. You can represent just about anything in a MindMap. As an example, I would like to use the MindMap below. In the middle you can see the topic, in the example High Performance Coaching. Then the individual topic blocks branch off from this. Each branch thus represents a topic of its own. It is striking that each branch also has its own color and many also have their own symbol. Both contribute to the fact that the human brain can remember more easily. In a MindMap also much more information can be accommodated in comparison to linear writing. MindMapping is therefore rightly considered the ultimate thinking tool!

The MindMap below shows the main topic areas of the High Performance Framework. High Performance Coaching is about making your life more successful, healthier, happier and with much more energy. I would like to congratulate you for your obvious interest in Personal Development. Coaching is a process of positive influence that leads to decisions and therefore positive changes. Would you also like to create a better life for yourself? Click here!

The Basic sessions are a 6 weeks program, Basic plus Mastery sessions are a 12 weeks program of High Performance Coaching